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I'm trying to figure out what's going wrong inside a microsoft batch file, and I want to preserve the file and environment it runs from as it natively would. How can I force echo to stay on so I can find the line that is giving an error without changing their file?

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If the batch file has Echo Off in it, then you are pretty much out of luck unless you remove/remark that line (or change it to Echo On).

It's pretty safe to make a backup, REM out that line, and save it as it won't affect any functionality besides preventing Echo from being turned off.

You Can't Make an Omelette without breaking a few eggs. :)

Perhaps just warn "them" of what you are going to do; If it's broken already, and they've asked you to look at it, then I doubt they'll mind. :)

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+1: You can pretty much backup anything ans safely modify it. – surfasb Oct 29 '11 at 0:01

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