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I am using MacTeX (LaTeX or XeTeX, depending on the task) with Beamer class to generate my presentations which are hence in a PDF format. I would like to run presentations just as in Apple Keynote – that is fullscreen, in native resolution of the secondary screen (e.g. a projector) and the same, but not in fullscreen, accompanied by notes, the picture of the next frame and possibly a timer plus handy features such as darkening of the secondary screen (everyone probably know the way Keynote does it).

One very good known solution is called SplitShow, but the development seems to be terminated since December 2010 until they find a new project owner and the current state of the application does not provide everything mentioned hereinbefore. It has been over a year so I am not hoping for introducing new features by the current owners. One major flaw is in my opinion the inability to enter fullscreen mode separately for each display, which means that I can not bring a video player over the fullscreen presentation on the secondary display (which is possible with Adobe Acrobat Pro).

I am quite surprised that this is the only solution that I have found. Acrobat Pro is a disappointment, considering its price. Does anyone know an alternative or perhaps want to continue in the development of SplitShow (which is overall great)?

How do you run your PDF presentations on a Mac?

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hmm, LibreOffice has extension called Presenter Console which does exactly what you need. I tried it on linux and as I know, there is also LibreOffice for Mac. But it uses OpenDocument format for presentation and not PDF... – Juhele Oct 28 '11 at 23:19
@Juhele PDF is essential. Otherwise I would just use Keynote with LaTeXiT to typeset equations. – Harold Cavendish Oct 28 '11 at 23:29