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I just enabled Whole-Disk Encryption (under the name FileVault 2) in Mac OS X Lion. In the setup process, I was asked to select the users whose passwords can unlock the startup disk. I have the root user enabled, but it was not available in this selection.

I frequently need to start up and directly do administrative work which is most easily done in root. Now, it’s not too difficult to start up into one account, then log out and back in as root, but this is obviously more bothersome than it should be. Any ideas how I can start up my computer under root’s credentials?

(Also: In Security & Privacy in System Preferences, there is a button to “Enable Users,” but, of course, root is not offered in that selection either.)

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Have you tried opening System Preferences while logged in as root? I know the Users & Groups shows a hidden user while logged in as that user… –  Blacklight Shining Sep 3 '12 at 2:33

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