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I googled around but most instructions refer to older versions, in which there is a "Device Manager" program in the Control Center.

The closest I could find in Katya is "System Information", which lists network interfaces and stats about them, but not manufacturer and model, which are all I need now.

Any clues?

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The terminal command lspci -vq will print a long list of installed hardware, including wireless card model.

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Try something like lspci -vq | grep -i wireless -B 1 -A 5 to look only for wireless cards. – patrickvacek May 30 '14 at 23:19
-vq is meant to be human readable. Try one of the -mflags and select the parts you want. Like this: lspci -vmm |sed -n '/wireless/I,/^$/p' – micke Feb 26 at 19:53

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