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I have a standard PS2 keyboard hooked up to my Mint linux box. When I try shift + the arrow keys on the number pad, I just get the numbers typed in. However I want it to work the same as on my Windows box. How do I map the arrow keys to highlight using the arrow keys 4,8,2,6 ?

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I'm not sure where exactly it is in Mint, but the "Keyboard Layouts" settings panel should have an "Options..." button, which has related settings in it:

  • Miscellaneous compatibility options
    • Shift with numeric keypad keys works as in MS Windows (numpad:microsoft)

The same options can be set via setxkbmap -option "numpad:microsoft", for example, although this method is only temporary.

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Exactly thnx a lot - it's Control center -> Keyboard – orn Oct 29 '11 at 21:30

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