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I installed Winows XP Home (SP3) Norwegian in a VirtualBox, entered a valid key. Activation window says it can't connect to the activation server, okay.. (Message ID 32777)

So I try Windows Update, so I install the genuine thing and next I am prompted by "Needs activation" with a link, (Customer support ID: 0x8DDD1001) I click the link and some IE plugin starts up, when it's done I get a message that roughly translates into:

The windows edition you are using are no longer being sold.

And then with options to purchase Windows 7.

So MessageID 32777: Error Message: Unable to Establish a Connection with the Activation Server. Please Check Your Network...

I can connect and brows the Internet.

The time on the Windows XP is identical to the current time.

I did a google on my serial key and it didn't show up.

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I really hope this is only a temporary problem. People who need to re-install after replacing a failed hard drive depend on the online Activation mechanism. – Randolf Richardson Oct 30 '11 at 12:48

I would suggest you call a local Microsoft Product Activation Center, and activate your copy over the phone.

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This looks like the right answer (+1). – Randolf Richardson Oct 30 '11 at 12:47
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So I have the solution, or actually it worked out by itself..

  1. Leave the OS online for about 40-50 minutes for it to figure out it has updates to install.
  2. Start -> Shutdown, then it should say If you want updates to be installed before you shut down, Yes please. (I specifically used Shutdown) If it does not, leave it on longer and check back later
  3. Start the OS and click Start -> Programs -> Activate Windows: Internet -> Not register -> Success.

So solution is to update your Windows XP, by letting it sit online for a while. In my case I couldnt use Windows Update because it wasn't activated.

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