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I'm planning to setup an home server for testing purposes, therefore I going to need a lot of power, and I was wondering if Xen Server supports the new AMD Bulldozer architecture(which has 8 physical core)? Has anyone tried yet?

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Xen works just fine on servers with 8-core Intel CPUs that I've set up in the past. I installed Xen on NetBSD (Unix) using this guide (which I wrote a few years ago): – Randolf Richardson Oct 30 '11 at 14:12

There's no reason it shouldn't work - bulldozer should support the same range of virtualisation extensions that its predecessors did and its a fairly standard x86 based system. The OS under which Xen Server runs easily handles 8 cores (or more).

Support for the on die video - since the bulldozer is an APU, might lag, but it will be supported at some point

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Ok I understand and thanks a lot for your help, even though I still have a lot of concerns about compatibly among XenServer and the motherboard that I'm planning to buy, which comes with a 990fx chipset and they don't have any discrete graphic card integrated. If anyone has any idea on how to manage this scenario please let me know! – nassio Oct 30 '11 at 20:01

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