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Preferably something fast that doesn't require a extra service on Windows 7, but I'm open for any suggestions. Cydia and Apple app store available.

I am currently doing shutdown -s through RDP, but it's kinda cumbersome :)

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Check out the ServerControl iPhone app from Stratospherix Ltd.

ServerControl allows you to reboot and shutdown your computers as well as control their services remotely from your iPhone, wherever you are.


  • Immediate or delayed reboot/shutdown.
  • Choose whether running applications should be forced to close.
  • Choose from 4 editable messages to display to logged on users.
  • Efficient protocol use. Doesn't use RDP.
  • Can re-schedule a reboot/shutdown even if someone else has already scheduled one.
  • Windows machines only. Macs can not be rebooted or shutdown with ServerControl.
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Thanks! I'm guessing it's using which means I can create a small script to do it from my laptop too! – cptloop Oct 31 '11 at 10:51

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