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Will the Aspire revo R3600 output to a "30-inch monitor (Samsung SynchMaster 305T) at 2560x1600 pixels with DVI-D-DualLink input" if I put a "HDMI to DVI-D-DualLink adaptator" on the HDMI port of Aspire revo R3600?

(Since Aspire revo R3600 has "Nvidia ion geforce 9400M" graphics card, can I access the DVI-D-DualLink port of the graphics card easily?)

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According to the specifications on Nvidia's website, the 9400M can output up to 2560x1600 via digital connectors (e.g. HDMI).

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In short: NO. You need a 29-pin HDMI connection for it to be electrically compatible with Dual-Link DVI, and the Revo had the de facto 19-pin, which will only ever do single-link.

If you want WQXGA from a nettop, I think about your only choice atm is the Zotac ZBox HD-ID11 or HD-ND22.

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I'd also consider the computing power of the box in question. Even if it is technically possible to output 2560x1600, I would be surprised if the nettop had enough power to drive it at acceptable frame rates. My own little Ion-powered nettop struggles to do anything meaningful at 1080p without stuttering. – cecilkorik Apr 15 '11 at 22:19

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