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How do I stop the command prompt from showing c:\dir1\dir2\dir3\dir4 It gets really annoying when I'm 5 or 6 directories deep.

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Use prompt:

C:\Stuff> prompt $$
$ prompt $G
> prompt $N:$G
c:> prompt Hello
Hello (etc)

Use help prompt to see some more options.

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With the prompt command. Type the following a the command line to find out how to use it:

prompt /?
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I use prompt $p$_$g$s (actually in my environment variables).
Thus I have the current path, always useful, a new line and the classical > and a space.
Even at the deep level of folders, I have plenty of room for my commands.

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Thanks! Clever use of $_ to get a new line in the prompt! – Jaywalker Aug 28 '14 at 9:49

Set the environment variable "prompt" to "$g", (or whatever). To do this: right click the My Computer icon, select Properties, click on the Advanced tab, there's a button for Environment Variables.

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You could use prompt. Have a batch file in system32 called go with

cd %1
prompt Love And Kittens$G

and type go c:\ to goto c:\, but still be faced with a cute command prompt :3 ($G is the >, other special symbols are shown in /?)

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or maybe cd \

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