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I have been using XP from last 2-3 years and now going to install Windows seven in my system. I want to keep all the 3 profiles i have created along with history, passwords, book marks etc.

I know that Mozilla keeps all the info at specific path


In Windows XP ,i keep backup and copy paste all the files in new profiles then it works. but I am afraid that those file might not work in Windows Seven.

Has anybody tried ? Any Suggestions ?

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I use MozBackup when backing up or transferring Mozilla account data. It collects and compresses all the files of the selected profile. Transfer MozBackup and the archive file to the new computer and use the restore function.

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Alternatively, you can use FEBE extension - it's very handy, it has a lot of options, you can selectively choose what you want to back up and even schedule automatic back-ups. – Lord_Blizzard Oct 31 '11 at 12:28

I installed firefox in newly installed windows 7 & i created 2 profiles in that. Then i copied the all the old files to new profiles. I did it manually without using Mozbackup.

And it worked. My all history,Bookmarks, Passwords are working.

I have tried Mozbackup on another system & it worked.

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