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I am looking for a referential strategy to share files between a VirtualBox host and guest. For instance, in my setup, I have an Ubuntu Host and WinXP Guest. I use VBoxManage to create custom "Open With..." actions in my Host. Here's an example I use for Illustrator:

VBoxManage guestcontrol WinXP execute --image "C:\\Program Files\\Adobe\\
Adobe Illustrator CS5\\Support Files\\Contents\\Windows\\Illustrator.exe" 
--username Foo --password Bar -- "E:\\"%n

However, this only works on my Ubuntu's desktop folder, which I have shared as E:\ on my guest. (E:\ points to the share, %n refers to the file name on my Ubuntu desktop).

This is using the file-sharing capabilities with the guest additions installed. However, any subfolders will break my "Open with..." custom action, as %n refers to the file name, and other shortcuts such as %f provide the entire file path, which the Guest cannot understand.

Is there a better way to map files between the two operating systems so I could use something like this globally?

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There is a build in file sharing service in virtualbox (just install the guest additions and it should be available in your virtualbox settings) (if this is not the solution then please explain why) – HTDutchy Oct 31 '11 at 14:33
@s4uadmin My above explanation is based on using the guest additions, but I have edited to clarify. My question is specifically asking about translating file paths to be interoperable between the guest and host, not simply setting up a share. My edit clarifies why a share does not work in my instance. – Nick Oct 31 '11 at 14:38

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