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I have a thumb drive on which I take many of my files with me. I would like to synchronize it with my computer automatically when I connect it. I currently have a script run every time I connect it so that I can do the many things that need to be done when it connects (check for updates to the portable applications, etc.). I want my synchronization utility to:

  • Detect conflicts
  • work correctly when I move files or change the folder structure
  • tell the difference between a file that was deleted on one side and a file that was added on the other
  • work from the command line or at least have a command that will open up a window
  • provide a confirmation screen before doing anything

The Windows Briefcase does all of these except the command line. Is there any program that does all of these, or is there a way to synchronize the briefcase from the command line?

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I would suggest looking into Synctoy.

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Also check out some of the rsync-based Windows utilities such as

Delta Copy

It can be slightly more involved, but typically much more powerful, and is very cross-platform friendly.

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I helped design a program called Angelia Sync which performs much of what your asking, and supports a full command line interface to access all of the features.

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As most programmers know, Customers Don't Know What They Want. Stop Expecting Customers to Know What They Want. I'm going with Dropbox and Dropbox Portable, even though they don't satisfy several of the requirements I put out (no confirmation screen and no command line) because they do what I want.

Disclaimer: Dropbox link above is a referral link.

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