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Hi I just installed PSSH on my Ubuntu machine and Iä'm trying to use it to execute commands across multiple machines but I keep getting errors. Here's some sample output to show what's going on.

root@int:~# pssh -h hosts.lst -l mridang -A yakkayakka --print --verbose hostname
Warning: do not enter your password if anyone else has superuser
privileges or access to your account.
[1] 22:04:21 [FAILURE] XXX.XXX.XXX.XX Exited with error code 255

My hosts file looks like this:

root@int:~# cat hosts.lst

The host exists and I'm able to SSH to it I don't believe it's an SSH issue. My PSSH version is 2.2.2.

(I've edited out the IPs for this post.)

Any ideas?


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I had the same problem just re-installed python-setuptools package and then again pssh. Seems rare but after that it worked ok.

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