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I have a strong leaning towards Picasa, but if there's not a great solution out there I can migrate back to Flickr.

Free or pay doesn't matter too much, and I'd like something that allows for tagging. Geotagging is a plus.

Edit: To be clear, I'd like the app to run natively on the iPhone.

Edit #2: Changed title.

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Can you clarify that you want to upload to Picasa Web, not Picasa, the desktop application? – Pablo Jul 16 '09 at 22:52

I use Mobile Fotos (Flickr Browser & Uploader). Its $2.99, but worth every penny and a few more :)

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It looks like ShoZu does everything you want.

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Do you have any experience with it? – dulaneyb Jul 15 '09 at 20:56

I love using picasa2flickr with Picasa. It is a plugin to allow direct uploading to Flickr.

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This is for use on a computer, not an iPhone application. – SitWalkStand Jul 16 '09 at 15:08
Oops. Don't know why i didn't read the whole title properly and pick up on that – Josh Hunt Jul 16 '09 at 16:52

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