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I made a full system backup (drive image) of my machine, then re-installed everything. I went from Windows 7 Home-Premium to Professional.

I can't figure out what files I need to restore from the backup to get my OneNote ribbon back to the way it was before. I had it heavily customized since I basically live out of OneNote (tablet pc).

I couldn't find anything useful on Google or on microsoft's site. I don't want to restore the entire backup just to use the ribbon exporter... that would take hours! I was able to restore tags and stuff by just restoring a couple of .dat files. I was hoping it would be that easy for the ribbon.

Does anyone know what files I need to restore to get my ribbon back?

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I answered my own question.

An esoteric Google search lead me to:

The documentation discusses where the UI files are stored. It mentions the directory


and files with the extension:


So I restored the one named "OneNote.officeUI" from the backup and it seemed to work!

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