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Sync outlook between two computers?

I have two computers laptop and desktop. Both have outlook 2010 and run windows 7 both have identical email accounts all of which are imap. I add contacts to sometimes to one and sometimes to the other and the same for calendar items etc. I just would like an easy way to periodically update both computers so they are identical--assume email is not an issue -- just contacts etc. I have read through the microsoft stuff and its mostly email focused but with imap that is not an issue I think.

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You're venturing into a hosted solution, or Exchange territory as you are effectively using 2 profiles which are querying the same message store.

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I must be out of my depth here--certainly don't have exchange functions knowingly--just two computers which have same accounts--my only issue is syncing contacts and calendars between the two –  John Philbrook Nov 1 '11 at 17:06

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