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I just installed the Lion upgrade to OS X.

Now, when I boot i don't get any options to boot to Windows 7 as i did before the upgrade.

I have rEFit installed. What can I do?

When I installed the OS's, I did it this way:

  • Installed OS x
  • Installed rEFit
  • Made a new partition and installed Windows 7
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So here is what I did. I found the bootcamp software and installed it. It regonized my Windows 7 installation and i could boot to Win7.

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If you did a manual install of rEFit, have a look here:

Sounds like it got disabled. The above link should get you going again.

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I did not work. The problem is that rEFit does not support the new Lion update. But can i somehow install Bootcamp and boot to windows this way? – 2by Nov 1 '11 at 22:42
Bootcamp will most likely result in you needing to reinstall Windows, I believe. – Xanny Nov 7 '11 at 19:35

Hold the option key on boot, eventually it should come up with a refit-style list of all bootable drives. if your win7 drive is there (and it should be, unless something else has changed.) just double-click on it or arrow key over to it and hit enter.

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