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Google Chrome's history search is somewhat … less powerful than I'd like it to be.

enter image description here


These are some annoyances I've found while trying to work with the Chrome search.

  • Searching for returns results from too.
  • Searching for does not work at all.
  • "phrase queries" seem to work fine, but they're not indicated.
  • Searching for returns 3 results, none of those actually from, whereas searching for hashify returns hundreds of URLs I visited on this site.

What I need:

  • Is there any way to specify advanced search options there?
  • Which operators or types of queries can I use to search in Google Chrome?
  • If not, can I use some other method to search my history more efficiently?

The Chrome help does not mention anything related.

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You can't with the built-in history, but maybe you could try an extension:

History 2

History 2 overrides default history page with a more user-friendly one. (Tools Menu > History or Ctrl-H)

History 2: A history page like the original but grouped by the host for easy viewing.

enter image description here

Better History

A better look at your browsing history. The best searching, the sharpest interface, and the most useful filters - for your history. It's Chrome History, only much Better.

enter image description here

EDIT: Another good extension you could try:

History Plus

  • Select date range easier: Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month, All
  • Select max result number easier: 100, 250, 500, 1000
  • Delete history
  • Grouping same domain in the list
  • Show visit counts each url in the list

enter image description here

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These are actually pretty nice, I haven't thought of extensions yet. Better History seems to work better than History 2, although its search options are not documented. Have you used any of these? – slhck Nov 2 '11 at 13:51
they have not a good search option support, but history2 group every urls based on domain name, at least is a little easier to find what you need... – Marcx Nov 2 '11 at 13:56
Yes, that's true. Definitely +1, they're very useful. Better History seems to be under steady development, which is nice. – slhck Nov 2 '11 at 13:57
added another extension – Marcx Nov 2 '11 at 14:08
History2 isn't exactly the best, but it did help me remove all bookmarks from a certain domain. I moved from a dyndns domain to a custom domain and the damn dyndns url kept coming up in the address bar. Deleting the dyndns urls fixed this =) – RyanScottLewis Jun 1 '12 at 22:00

Few days ago I got to know about History Timeline chrome extension. It overrides actual history page and shows you history as timeline with thumbnail which helps to search particular web page. You can even filter results, refine your search by giving time period etc.

History Timeline Screenshot

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That extension no longer exists. :-/ – Synetech Nov 13 '15 at 19:47

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