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Develop a consistent, professional-quality corporate template using Microsoft Word.


People use their own fonts, change styles, and generally make a mess of standardization. This makes it time consuming to change the appearance of all documents to a specific standard.


In Microsoft Word 2010, how would you create a template that:

  • Eliminates the ability to change the fonts in a document.
  • Prevents adding new styles.
  • Forces users to use styles.
  • Provides very few styles (e.g., body, three headings, header, footer).

Basically, I want to restrict the documents so that people can only picks styles when editing. They should not be able to modify styles, either.

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Maybe this ilustrated guide can help you:

In a few lines, word 2010 has the "Restrict Editing" function (menu Review) that gives you a large choice of restrictions. Even suggested restriction can be applied.

If I correctly understood your question, I think you will achieve your objective.


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