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I like fonts, and I have a lot installed on my computers, but the more I have the harder it is to find the font I am looking for. Is there a website or utility that makes filtering fonts easy?

For example, list all san-serif fonts. Or list serif fonts that support italics and have a narrow typeface. The more attributes that can be combined to filter the better!

Ideally it would be a utility that works with the fonts installed on my system and then provides a preview of custom text in each font face.

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There's an interesting article that lists a few

Our rating:8
Product type: Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer


  • font preview and categories on the main screen;
  • displays full file properties;
  • view and sort on many attributes;
  • access any font while it is running;
  • many languages


  • not enough fonts visible at one time in the preview list

Developers website:
Download page:

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