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Is there a way to automatically copy all the email addresses from an email's To, Cc, Bcc headers etc in Thunderbird? I am currently right clicking and doing "Copy Email Address" for each one but this is obviously unsatifactory.

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Yes, you can. Just use Message Source in the View menu.
You'll see all the same details as in the header of the e-mail but in a format you can copy and paste...

In more detail. You'll need to copy the email addresses (they are separated by commas) into one of the To: fields. As soon as you hit Enter Thunderbird will give each address its separate line. Quick and easy. If you already have at least one address in a To: field, you may change the second To: into Cc: before you hit enter. Then all the added addresses are Cc!

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This is a wise way to go, but at the same time, it gave me problems. The reason is that in the message source, addresses are comma-separated. But when I paste into a To: field, those commas end up as part of each email address! (Because the To: field expects a single address as entry, or a series of space-separated addresses?) Am I crazy, or is Thunderbird? – Tai Viinikka Jan 3 at 5:41

What I usually do is ... Forward email. I have my TB configured to forward inline. Then, there you get all the headers in text. I just copy the mails and the paste in the new message.

Done ;)

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How do you configure TB to forward inline ? – Nikana Reklawyks Nov 19 '12 at 16:42

I have answered a similar question: create address list (mailing) from email recipients.

EMail Address Crawler is a very old Thunderbird add-on that extracts email addresses from all the emails within a folder. It retrieves addresses from the email source code (header and body). This is useful when an email is forwarded or when there are extra addresses within the email header (e.g. redirection email addresses):

  • open the context menu on an folder of emails
  • select Crawl folder for email addresses
  • choose the destination mailing list (or choose a new one)
  • choose some options, click OK
  • then the add-on extracts email addresses from the folder emails content and stores them within the chosen mailing list

But, EMail Address Crawler may not compatible with your Thunderbird version. In order to force install, disable extensions.checkCompatibility in the about:config or simply use Disable Add-on Compatibility Checks. However, even disabling compatibility check, EMail Address Crawler may not be usable (the folder context menu may just open the address book window).

Moreover, there is another old add-on: CrowdMailer. This very basic add-on is still compatible with recent Thunderbird versions:

  • copy-paste the email source code into the CrowdMailer dialogue box
  • CrowdMailer extracts the email addresses
  • CrowdMailer creates a new email filled with these extracted addresses

But I did not found a way to save these addresses within a mailing list... who has an idea?

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There is a new add-on that does the trick: emailpicky4.

Right-click over the folder from which you want to import email addresses to your contacts and choose "Pick IDs From This Folder"

some nice refinements are available in the popup.

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Thanks for your feedback, but that add-on does not adress OP's question. It allows to extract adresses from emails within a folder, and I could'nt figure any simple way to extract the adress from a single email. – Clément Jan 14 at 4:29

If you have several mails, then I would just export all the emails and write a little script, that extracts all the email addresses from the files. Then you really have it automatically. Of course that's only good, if you have more than one email.

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I've found quite a simple solution to what I believe you're looking for. I set up squirrel mail.

It's not pretty but it does the trick. It shows all addresses inline in the email as the actual email addresses and not the names so you can just copy and paste them.

Hope that helps


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