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just installed a mumble-server (murmurd) under Debian Squeeze. I set the SuperUser password using the murmurd -subw <newpassword> command, then restarted the service. When I try to connect as a normal user, all is fine. When I try to connect as the SuperUser, I get a box asking me to enter the password. However, whatever password I enter is not accepted. Can anybody provide any pointers?

And yes, I have read the FAQ and the manuals and about a dozen other google results, but none could help me so far.

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After some chatting on the IRC channel for mumble, it turns out that the -ini option has to be used to identify the config file when setting the SuperUser password, since the default config file in murmurd is not the normal config file in Debian.

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Another way to set the SuperUser password involves running the following command:

dpkg-reconfigure mumble-server

This brings up a wizard that allows you to set several aspects of the mumble service, including the SuperUser password.

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