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For example:

 A      B      

7926    3     FROM     =COUNTIF(AQ$7926:AQ7970,"=0")
7926    3     FROM     =COUNTIF(AQ$7926:AQ7971,"=0")
7926    3     FROM     =COUNTIF(AQ$7926:AQ7972,"=0")
7926    3     FROM     =COUNTIF(AQ$7926:AQ7973,"=0")
7974    148   FROM     =COUNTIF(AQ$7926:AQ7974,"=0")
7974    148   FROM     =COUNTIF(AQ$7926:AQ7975,"=0")
7974    148   FROM     =COUNTIF(AQ$7926:AQ7976,"=0")

How do I change the starting row of a range based on a cell value on A?

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I don't know what your second edit was for, but please check your formatting. There's a preview – use it! And don't write in caps lock. – slhck Nov 3 '11 at 15:54
Ups, Caps lock is my mistake, sorry for that. Thanks slhck – hermanov Nov 3 '11 at 16:20

Not sure I've understood well your question but are you looking for the INDIRECT formula?

If in cell A1, you add the value B1 and in cell B1 you have Got it.

The formula: =INDIRECT(A1) will return Got it

You can use it in your formula.

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