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On a Sony Vaio, I can't find a "Control + Up key" required for moving an online task. Where do I find it?

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Huh? Are you saying your keyboard doesn't have a Ctrl or an Up key? Like physically doesn't have them? Did they maybe fall off? What on earth is your question? – Shinrai Nov 3 '11 at 19:15

You can try one of these:

  1. You can press Control + Up if you have that key.

  2. You can hold Ctrl and while holding Ctrl press Up as an alternative.

  3. You can install AutoHotkey and bind a key to Send Keys {Control Down}{Up}{Control Up}.

Here are the keys...

enter image description here

Or you could opt for this unique work in progress of a Microsoft keyboard...


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Those of us who have used computers for a long time occasionally forget how peculiar they are and how bizarre the language that has grown up around computers.

When people say "press the Ctrl + up key" they mean

  • Hold down the key labelled "Ctrl" with your left index finger.
  • Without releasing the "Ctrl key", with your right hand's index finger, press once, the key labelled with an upward pointing arrow.
  • Release the key labelled "Ctrl".

Other keys labelled "Ctrl" can also be used, as can other fingers.

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