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Well the title says it all but still.

Is there a way to connect an external monitor using a DVI->MiniDP converter to the Thunderbolt Port on the Apple Thunderbolt Display?

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Hmm. I think DisplayPort 1.2 daisy chaining only supports native DisplayPort or active adapters, but I'm not actually sure, sorry. (The Thunderbolt display is the only DisplayPort 1.2 compliant monitor in existence that I know of right now, so...) – Shinrai Nov 4 '11 at 16:28

The answer seems to be 'No'.

Looks like you can only hook one display at this time.

The bi-directional nature of Thunderbolt enables you to daisy-chain to a single jack up to six high-speed data devices or five data devices and a display without the need for a hub. Apple’s wording is quite specific, though: you cannot daisy-chain multiple displays. As a proponent of multiple-display Macs, that’s too bad, but perhaps a future version of Thunderbolt will support multiple displays, or Apple will have two Thunderbolt ports to allow this option."

From here:

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Future version here here. All hail Thunderbolt 3 – Hennes 2 days ago

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