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I have jenkins running, but I need to stop it. in /var/run I have which is what the standard jenkins script uses to stop jenkins. The jenkins script uses start-stop-daemon which doesn't seem to exist in fedora15. My system also does not find daemon which I read would be a fedora replacement for start-stop-daemon.

I am not good with Linux terminology. I did find the daemon function defined in /etc/init.d/functions but I don't know how to run it.

Can I run it or can I use something else?

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Run service jenkins stop as root. You can use the su - command to access a root shell. See The Fedora Basics FAQ for more information.

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So anything pid in linux is a service? – Rythmic Nov 6 '11 at 19:32
@Rythmic: The file contains the process ID number that Jenkins runs as. You could try killing Jenkins using a command like xargs kill < /var/run/, but it is better to use the distribution's or service's own tool (as described above) if you can. – PleaseStand Nov 7 '11 at 12:20

You can use

chkconfig jenkins off

to make it permanent - so it won't run next time you boot.

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