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Today I found out that Win7 doesn't support multiple pasting of files after cutting them. So, if you have a file A.ext and you want to cut it from its folder and place it in two different folders, you got to:

  1. Cut and paste it from its folder to the another
  2. Cut and paste it from the another folder to the next one

I hope you understood.

And the question is, obviously, why that happens. Is there a way you can pass over it?

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The semantics of a cut and paste is of a move operation - you are taking the file from location A and moving to location B. Being able to create a copy in location C doesn't make sense with this meaning.

If you want to create multiple copies then you need to do just that - copy. So you copy the file from location A and the you can paste into location B, C, D, .. etc.

If you don't need the file in location A then you have to go back and delete it when you've created all the copies.

There are probably 3rd party extensions that will do what you want though.

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That is ok but why they are stored in the clipboard if they are not going to be used again? – Tsvetan Nov 5 '11 at 19:35
@Tsvetan - once the file is cut from it's original location it has to be stored somewhere before it's pasted, and the clipboard is as good as any. – ChrisF Nov 5 '11 at 19:38

Nope There's no workaround for this. Because when you're cutting you are basically copying and deleting (i.e moving) the file.

You can't cut from A to B to C. It blanks out the paste when you right click.

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