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My CV is written in Latex using moderncv. Whenever I need an updated copy, I convert it to PDF.

Unfortunately, some employers insist on Microsoft Word. This is a real pain, because I lose the beautiful design, and I need to maintain two synchronized versions of the CV.

Any ideas how to automate this?

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A very simple (and probably not useful) solution would be to embed the PDF's pages as images/objects into your word document. – Paŭlo Ebermann Nov 5 '11 at 21:19

There exist online services and products that claim to convert from LaTeX to MS Word. You could try one of those.

For example: GrindEQ or Tex2Word - I have tried neither, the first might just concentrate on equations.

Another approach might be to generate both LaTeX and Word from a common format - have a look at Pandoc.

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I do not think that you will find a tool that does automatic merging between a Word document and a LaTeX document.

To at least highlight the differences between your two versions you could take two filters that cut away the formatting in both versions and then use the diff-tool to compare the content (i.e., the resulting plain text files). Then you can do the merging by hand.

On *nix it is as simple as this:

antiword cv.doc > cv-doc.txt
detex cv.tex > cv-tex.txt
diff -u cv-tex.txt cv-doc.txt

(provided you have the antiword package and detex, which would usually come with your tex distribution)

If you want colors in the diff, try this post.

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