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Is it possible to prevent Word form adding spacing between heading styles only?

For example, there is a Heading 2 style, which has a "Before spacing" of 12px, which looks fine when it follows a paragraph of text. Is there I way I could prevent this spacing from being added when Heading 2 is immediately following a Heading 1 style?

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I don't think so, my first thought would be to check if Word would not add spacing between two styles with the same base style when "Don't Add Spacing between Paragraphs of the Same Style" is enabled. However a quick test showed that wasn't the case.

I can only think of one other way which is a long shot but it might work depending on the structure of your document:

  • If you translate the spacing before on your headings so instead you use spacing after on normal text then enable "Don't add spacing between paragraphs of the same style" it might result in what you are looking for.
  • This way any normal text will have no spacing as usual, but a heading is used then spacing is added after the normal text (which looks like spacing before the heading).
  • Furthermore since there is no spacing before on the headings they won't be spaced apart as what you originally wanted.
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