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Is it possible to browse the web if a firewall is blocking the HTTP protocol?

I've read about OpenVPN UDP tunnelling, but is it possible to use the web via the UDP protocol?

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I have NEVER seen a firewall that blocks all HTTP traffic, whereas 99.9% of them block all UDP traffic and some HTTP traffic (e.g. website blacklisting).

If your firewall selectively blocks some HTTP traffic, you can make a fool of it by using OpenVPN over TCP towards port 443 of the remote server (see SwissVPN). It will put all of your traffic into an SSL socket and no firewall will distinguish it from HTTPS traffic towards an unknown host, because SSL on 443 == HTTPS for the eavesdropper. But if the block is white-list based, then you have no chances.

Can you better describe the firewall we're talking about?

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Network is blocking all tcp so only way is udp. – Reno Nov 8 '11 at 15:34
I see, even if this firewall is total nonsense. However, I think that using OpenVPN over UDP will work, but I cannot suggest you any out-of-the-box solution, whereas for OpenVPN over TCP I could (see SwissVPN). I'll search further. – gd1 Nov 8 '11 at 18:53

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