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How do I show indentation guides in TextMate?

Anyone knows if there is a bundle for this? There's no setting, obviously.

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If this ticket is still open, then I don't think there is a way to show indentation guides.

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There is a menu item somewhere, or a preference settings called "show invisible characters".

That's what is used in TextMate to show indentation levels: you get a little gray triangle at each tab.

I'm sorry if I'm not more precise, I'm on my linux box at home. But I'm sure you'll find it easily.


The menu item is labeled "Show Invisibles", it's located under the "View" menu and its shortcut is I.

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Yeah, I think thats as close as it gets. Thanks. – Andres Nov 22 '11 at 9:31
this should be the accepted answer – believesInSanta Apr 21 at 7:27
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I think this is as close to an answer as we are going to get for now:

A bundle that may or may not work:

Current progress on this issue for Textmate 2:

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