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I would like to put bookmark in Notepad++. Shortcut is CTRL+F2. But on this Windows opens system menu Start. How to fix ?

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Ctrl+F2 has never opened the Start menu in any version of Windows. Check and see if you're using any third-party program that maps keyboard shortcuts to system menus. – BoltClock Nov 6 '11 at 16:58

You can change the shortcut key to make a bookmark, this is how:

  1. Click Settings > Shortcut Mapper

  2. Scroll down to where it says Toggle Bookmark (I think its item 54)

  3. Double click on CTRL+F2 and change it to something like SHIFT+F2 or CTRL+SHIFT+F2 whatever you want!

  4. Click Okay then click Close.

And tada it should work!

Make sure you don't change it to something windows already has set as a shortcut key though.

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