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Cgywin doesn't seem to be running on my machine (never used it before, although I have installed it!). What services or processes do I need to start so it can run.


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There is no "it" to run.

Cygwin isn't a distinct runnable entity in its own right. The tools and programs that use Cygwin, from the Cygwin port of bash to the Cygwin port of awk, are. They, presuming that you have your path and whatnot configured correctly, just run when you decide to invoke them.

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Thanks for explaining this for me, I'm new to the whole emulating Unix on Windows thing =) – JMK Nov 7 '11 at 15:27

It's probably easist to uninstall it, download the latest copy and install that.

The installer should (presumably) ensure essential services or prerequisites are installed (and running). There are no prerequisites I can find on their website.

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