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Could someone recommend a graphical tail kind of document viewer? So that I could open a document, scroll up and down, etc. and that the document would refresh itself automatically (without prompting, freezing, etc). Ideally if it had a search functionality + give me a way to define highlighting.

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MakeLogic Tail is one. The download link is acting a bit strange though. I managed to get the source code but I'm not familiar with how to compile Java code.

Home: http://www.makelogic.com/tail/TailHome.htm
Source: http://www.makelogic.com/downloads/MakeLogicTail2.1.0src.zip


Played around with the URL a bit and found the jar file. Could just be me but it didn't want to start downloading when linked directly to. I managed to still get it and uploaded it to MediaFire.
Executable jar file: http://www.mediafire.com/?koc791k2bjjlfqb

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Take a look at MultiTail:

It's "only" text mode, but it has features like scrolling, searching and color schemes.

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