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Windows 7 always asks when I logged, "Enter password to unlock the drive". I do not want to unlock the drive yet and it's annoying. I'll unlock manually when I need these encrypted data.

How can I turn that feature off? (I'm not asking for disabling Bitlocker.)

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Have you tried to disable automatic unlocking of Bitlocker via the command line tool manage-bde?

manage-bde -autounlock -disable E:

This command should disable autounlock of drive E:

See also MS Technet documentation of Manage-bde: autounlock

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I don't use autounlock feature. also tried the command and got the error: "Already disabled". Truecrypt never beggin me "Can I unlock that drive, please?" Windows asks, asks, and asks continuously. –  Nime Cloud Nov 8 '11 at 22:17

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