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The database part of OpenOffice is a bit limited. What other tools exist to work with my legacy .mdb files?

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Check out MDB Viewer Plus

MDB Viewer Plus is a freeware viewer plus and editor for Microsoft Access MDB database files.

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MS Access 2007 Runtime - Microsoft's official (and free) tool for viewing Access databases. You can run queries, edit and enter data (using forms) but there is no direct access to the underlying tables, and no way to get into Access's "design-mode".

Previous versions of Access including 2000 and 2002 have had Runtime versions like this, but I don't think that they've been freely downloadable like this, pretty sure that they only came on the CD with various versions of MS Office and were intended to be distributed along with databases made in that version. Obtain and deploy the Access 2003 runtime

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You could install the express edition of c# or vb.net.

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