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In Acrobat 9, it was possible to export directly to text files when performing OCR on PDF documents, using the "Export to Alternate Format - Text" option. This feature appears to be missing in Acrobat 10. Is this still possible in a single step?

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No, you'd need to go through "Save As". (I think after OCRing)

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It's not possible. After doing OCR go to File → Save AS → More Option

I usually start with Text (Plain) but if it doesn't work I try Text (Accessible) and if both don't work, I go with Html Web Page. The HTML requires a bit of clean up to get a well formatted text, but sometimes the OCR is not recognized by the Save As Text.

If none of the above render the text with typos, simply try selecting the text and copying it : it's not handy but it could take less time than to correcting the error made by the Save As.

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