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I am using firefox 7.0.1. and noticed that it kept on defaulting to using yahoo as its search engine. I then tried selecting "Manage search engines..." and deleted all of them other than google. Sadly when I shut firefox down and restarted it, yahoo was added to the list and was the default. I have no idea how to stop this.

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Do you have a Yahoo! toolbar installed? Right click next to the menu and see what toolbars are listed in the context menu. – ChrisF Nov 8 '11 at 12:13
No, the yahoo toolbar was not installed. – Mick Nov 13 '11 at 10:52
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Just discovered it was caused by the pdfforge toolbar. Uninstalling it removed the problem.

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Just had the same issue despite pdfforge toolbar being disabled (and I can't seem to uninstall it).

The magic about:config item that does this seems to be keyword.URL:

Changing the Internet Keyword service

You can specify any valid URL to perform the Internet Keyword searches by modifying the keyword.URL preference in the about:config page:

To use the Browse by Name service from in earlier versions of Firefox, keyword.URL can be set to Google will forward you to the relevant site if it finds a clear match. Otherwise, the search results page will be displayed.

To use Yahoo!, set keyword.URL to, Bing, set it to and so on. To reset the Internet Keyword service to use a standard Google search, right-click on keyword.URL and select Reset.

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