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When I have edited the Gnome menu with alacarte as root, I do


mkdir -p /etc/my-gnome-menus
rm -rf /etc/my-gnome-menus/*

cp -r /root/.config/menus /etc/my-gnome-menus/
cp -r /root/.local/share/applications /etc/my-gnome-menus/share/
cp -r /root/.local/share/desktop-directories /etc/my-gnome-menus/share/

and add this to /etc/environment


but I don't see the changes I have made system wide.

Do I need to do something else?

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rm -r /root/.local/share
rm -r /root/.config/menus

mkdir -p /etc/my-gnome-menus

echo 'XDG_CONFIG_HOME="/etc/my-gnome-menus"' >> /etc/environment
echo 'XDG_DATA_HOME="/etc/my-gnome-menus/share"' >> /etc/environment

Now use alacarte to edit the menus.

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