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I found it not possible to format a bluray disk and store misc files to it, why

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I assume you are talking about Windows? Which version of Windows? – Josh Hunt Sep 4 '09 at 5:45

It turns out that most operating systems do not have built in support for Blu-Ray DVD burning. For an operating system to allow you to drag-and-drop files onto a CD to burn them, the operating system must support burning Blu-Ray disks.

The only way to actually do that is to use third party software that adds drag-and-drop support for Blu-Ray disks to the operating system. Alternatively, you could use a program (such as Nero) to burn the files to a Blue-Ray DVD.

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I've seen roxio do this. I don't know if it works with blue rays but it does have a nifty drag and drop interface.

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