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When I synced on iTunes all my contacts were lost. Favorites became just numbers with no names. What happened? If any way to transfer and back up my iPhone contacts to a computer without iTunes?

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The only way to officially sync/read any iOS device is through iTunes, with a version up to date with the iOS software.

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You have a few options (last one requires iTunes, though)

  • Setup iCloud sync standalone -- this stores your contact information in "the cloud" and across multiple iOS devices.
  • Setup iCloud sync with Outlook or Windows Live Mail -- you must install the iCloud Control Panel, but after that, you can sync your contacts with either Outlook or Windows Live Mail.
  • Setup standard iTunes sync to Outlook/Google Contacts/Windows Contacts/Yahoo Address Book -- you get this by visiting the "Info" tab when selecting your iPhone in iTunes.
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Where did you find the information that iCloud would sync with Windows Live Mail? The link only says that Outlook is needed. – Martin Mar 19 '12 at 18:51

You can use iCloud, which can be set up in the settings app on your iPhone.

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