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Vimperator uses keybindings like ctrl+o for go-back-one-page-in-history.

Some sites on teh interwebs try to be more accessible by binding keyboard commands to specific actions, for example Wikipedia (and every other wikimedia site I have encountered) maps ctrl+o to the login command (or at least something that requires a login).

So, I'm browsing happily along, and happen to follow a link to Wikipedia. If I want to go back a page, vimperator has trained me to ctrl+o. However, this keystroke is captured before vimperator can do anything with it, and I am taken to the Wikipedia login page. Do. Not. Want.

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Firefox on Mac OS X uses the ctrl key as the Access Key by default, which causes the to be consumed before it reaches any other plugins.

To fix, edit the value of ui.key.contentAccess in about:config. By default in OS X, the value is 2, which corresponds to the bitfield for using the ctrl key as Access Key for the content area (as opposed to chrome area).

The other values are 0 for disable; 1 for shift; 4 for alt; 8 for meta (command). I set mine to 4, but any value other than 2 should work.

Once that is done, the ctrl+ keybindings should work as expected. If you use other vimperator keybindings, be sure to set the ui.key.contentAccess value to something that does not clash with your bindings, or disable it entirely.

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The numeric values can also be summed as you'd expect. 6 would correspond to ⌃⌥ (the default in Safari and Chrome.) – user495470 Nov 9 '11 at 20:39

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