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iTunes starts every time I boot my Windows 7 computer. How can I prevent iTunes from starting on Windows startup? Is there a simple setting or do I need to edit the Windows registry to accomplish this?

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Try looking here? sevenforums.com/tutorials/1401-startup-programs-change.html –  cksum Nov 10 '11 at 2:12
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  1. Go to "Start"
  2. Click on "Run"
  3. In the Open box type "msconfig" and then click "OK"
  4. Select the "Startup" tab at the top
  5. De-select iTunes from the list and click "Apply" then "OK".

You may need to restart your computer for this change to take effect.

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If you do what wizlog suggested and iTunes is still starting automatically, it could be related to your iPod. iTunes is set--by default--to automatically launch iTunes if it detects an iPod. There is a setting in iTunes, which disables this function.

Edit: This also includes iPhones and iPads too

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Since MSConfig has already been suggested I can advise you to try CCleaner, a freeware program for cleaning cookies and unnecessary data and with which you can also disable unneeded programs from starting up with a really simple dialogue.

What you (also) need to disable is iTunesHelper which boots up iTunes everytime it detects an iPod/iPhone plugged in. You will be able to find the entry for ituneshelper.exe if you use msconfig or any other start-up application manager.


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