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In Windows I want to list the files from the drive in all the subfolders with the following attributes

  • From all the subfolders
  • File name
  • File Creation date
  • File Last Modified date
  • User name of last modifier of the file

I use the following command:



/s gives all files in subfolders
/O:N gives name
/O:S gives file size

/T:C gives creation time
/T:W gives last modified time

My questions:

  1. Is this the correct way to use the command?
  2. How should I get the user name who modified/created the content last?
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The DOS command looks correct. However I use something like the following command and output my results to a text file so I can then review and use it:

dir "%windir%\*.*" /a:-d /o:ns /t:ca /s >files.txt

I also like to insert the /b switch however no timefield info will display.

Change the filter <path>\*.* if you like including the full path &/or from the current directory to be something more specific.

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Thanks - How should I get the suer name who last modified the file – user549432 Nov 10 '11 at 2:57

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