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I would like to disable the hot key: Ctrl + Shift + W in Firefox, which currently closes all tabs.

Since the recent version came out with the feature to group tabs, I have been using Ctrl + Shift + E to show all tab groups.

I have pressed Ctrl + Shift + W too many times!

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Install keyconfig from here (click on the the very first word that has a link and accept to install it from an unknown location) - it works even on FF 8.0 beta.

To use it, turn on the menu bar (if just temporarily) with right click on the toolbars and check Menu bar, and run keyconfig from Tools > Keyconfig, find the Close Window command and hit Disable. You don't have to restart Firefox and you can turn off the menu bar if you want to.

keyconfig window

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nice plugin, thanks – Alan Whitelaw Nov 10 '11 at 16:42

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