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Where in Tweetdeck is the option of not displaying people's profile pics and just displaying their name?

Or should I look at another Twitter client for this?

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I had a quick search and couldn't find an application on any platform that promotes that as a feature or as a TweetDeck option. So then I decided to take a crack at modifying a Windows based open source twitter client, and introduce the feature. As of 6th January this feature is in the public application.


You can get it here go down to the 'Where do I get it?' section.

It's only for Windows, so if you're on another platform, happy hunting.

Screen Shots

Go to options:

enter image description here

Pull the Profile Picture Size slider all the way to the left.

enter image description here

There you go, no images just text.

enter image description here

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EDIT 2: This is now a Chrome Extension, get it here.

original post below

Bit of a flimsy front-end hack, but you can paste the following javascript in the browser console and remove the profile pictures. Code on github also.

    $(".tweet").css({ "padding-left" : "5px" });

EDIT: the code above will remove profile pics, but new tweets are loaded with a pic.

Below code automatically re-runs the remove() snippet above when new tweets enter the feed:

var s_ajaxListener = new Object();
s_ajaxListener.tempOpen =;
s_ajaxListener.tempSend = XMLHttpRequest.prototype.send;

s_ajaxListener.callback = function() {
    // runs on XHR events
    // to remove profile pics
    $(".tweet").css({ "padding-left": "5px" });
} = function(a, b) {
    if (!a) var a = '';
    if (!b) var b = '';
    s_ajaxListener.tempOpen.apply(this, arguments);
    s_ajaxListener.method = a;
    s_ajaxListener.url = b;
    if (a.toLowerCase() == 'get') { = b.split('?'); =[1];

XMLHttpRequest.prototype.send = function(a, b) {
    if (!a) var a = '';
    if (!b) var b = '';
    s_ajaxListener.tempSend.apply(this, arguments);
    if (s_ajaxListener.method.toLowerCase() == 'post') = a;
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