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I have two Exchange Accounts in my Outlook. In the standard email-view, on the right you see a list of tasks for Today, Next Month, etc.

Currently, this list displays all flagged mails of both email-accounts.

Is there a way to only show those flagged emails which belong to one email-account?

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This task list on the right is called Outlook To-Do Bar. You can try to right-click it, select View Settings there, after that click Filter button.

In the Filter dialog window go to Advanced tab, click Field button, select All Mail Fields > E-mail Account in the menu.

Type part of the required account's name in the Value text box and click Add to List button below.

Click OK, then OK again. You'd now set up filtered view for your tasks in the Outlook To-Do Bar.

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What do you do when this doesn't work? For me it either hides all items (including from the account you are supposed to be viewing) or it shows completed items from all accounts, contrary to the existing criteria that hide completed items! –  Malvineous Mar 27 '14 at 1:39

What worked for me is selecting a different field in the Advanced settings as mentioned in the solution above - Organizer [contains] [part of your email address].

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This is same as the other (older) answer –  DavidPostill Oct 23 '14 at 9:53

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