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I'm working with some web apps that don't implement "save password" feature, therefore, I'm forced to type id/password many many times :(.
So I post this question to ask how can I save password in my web browser so I will automatically fill id & password for me so I just have to click on "Login" button.

Some try with KeePass & I meet it's bug in auto-paste id/pass with IE9, but for Firefox, it works well.

Still searching...

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Use something like KeePass or LastPass, both of which have auto-type functionality. (KeePass isn't even limited to web sites.)

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You haven't indicated that the solution must entail Internet Explorer, so here is another option :)

Firefox + Greasemonkey extension + the Auto-Complete override script will allow all form fields to be saved (including those set to autocomplete=no) and all passwords via the password manager.

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Late to the party. Nevertheless, you can try Allow Password Save hack by How-To Geek. This works in IE 11 and Firefox 25.

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