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Possible Duplicate:
Can a graphics card (Nvidia) be added to a laptop?
external video card for notebook?

Is it possible to add graphics card to Toshiba L-300 model Laptop? Are there any external graphics card available? How to install them? Whether any of them are available in India?

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just to get you started they have had PCI and PCI-E docking things that were capable of hooking to laptops. . this is just an example of one of them, and NOT a recommendation. and a video, notice how it did Not work on some things. – Psycogeek Nov 11 '11 at 10:56
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Laptop computers are harder to install components in than the desktop equivalents. A graphics card can be installed in a Toshiba laptop, but you need to completely disassemble the laptop. The graphics card is located under the motherboard; therefore you need to remove most of the laptop components to access the card. Be sure to touch any non-painted metal that is connected to ground to avoid harming your computer with an electrostatic discharge.

Follow these links for more information:

Yes some cards available for notebook pc, but I am not confirm about their cost and availability. Visit this

As I have seen your configuration of your laptop it is not good for high end games. But you can use/ try this if you want to upgrade this one.

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